Early 16th century re-enactors.

Armet was established in 2012 to support the Flodden 1513-2013 project. The original idea was to have a group that people could join who wanted to take part in the commemoration of the Battle of Flodden. Our plan to is to have a group of re-enactors who aim for the highest levels of authenticity and through research will have good knowledge of the early 16th century. In late 2011 Tod Booth was asked to run the first Flodden commemoration week end that would take place in Etal; Northumberland in September 2012. The event was to be privately funded and held on ground owned by the Ford and Etal Estates. Armet was set up to allow like minded people to have a group they could join and where ideas could be made into reality. Etal 2012 was our first event.

The event at Etal was complete success, Armet made its first appearance and was support by several other highly professional groups from both England and Scotland. The aim was of the event was to be a for runner for a bigger event to be held 500 years after the original battle. This will take place in early August 2013. It is also planned to be a major part of the English Heritage Festival of History.

After the anniversary year Armet will continue as a group that will portray a small household from around 1513. We welcome any one who would like to be part of the group. Our idea is that the household will be that of a gentleman who holds a small area of land around a village. This means we are able to have members who can portray almost any section of society whilst keeping it real and within the confines of finances both then and now. Some suggestions for members would be a scribe, cook, seamstress, farmer, shoemaker, baker, wood worker, or any one who would have lived and worked in a small village. It is unlikely we will ever take part in any large battle re-enactments other than Flodden but that doesn't mean we aren't looking for soldiers. The Lord of the Manor would have to be able to raise a small number of men at short notice for the service of the king, so you can be an archer, billman, pikeman or gunner. It may be that you have fought with other groups and want the opportunity to take a more living history role where you can display your arms and pass on your knowledge to the general public through displays.

We have already carried out a lot of research which means we can point new members to the right references. In addition we have found a few re-enactment traders that can make or supply you with the right clothing and accessories. As in all re-enactment we strongly recommend you talk to one of the founder members before buying any thing.

Membership is 5 per year. To contact us please email us

Pictures and more information will be added over the next few months, we welcome correspondence from people who are keen to join us, potential clients or from the media. Please note that at present we cannot offer assistance with research outside the group.